Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sun-drenched Zinnias

This is the resulting piece from my "plein air"session on my deck. I thought I would touch it up a bit when I brought it into the house, but decided to leave it alone.

"Sun-drenched Zinnias"
Oil Painting on linen
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Back at it.

I have been out of town to celebrate my mom's birthday and my grandson, Xavier's 3rd birthday in Omaha. I had a blast. When I got home I had three days to frantically get ready for the West Greenville Art Festival on Sat and Sunday. We had gorgeous weather, which made it so nice compared to last year's weather. I really enjoyed myself there. I sold some small paintings and met so many nice people. I'm glad it's over though, so I can get back to painting.
My sweet husband, Dave, kept my zinnias alive for me while I was gone, so I was happy to paint some of them today. I think I'm addicted to them. I love the colors and the variety of shapes and sizes. I placed some in a jar of water and set them on my deck railing so I could paint outdoors. During the oppressive heat and humidity of the summer, I brought them indoors to paint in the air conditioned studio, but I'm happy to be able to paint outdoors now that the humidity has gone way down, although, that sun was very intense. Now that the art fest is over, it can rain anytime. We really need it.

I have a bit of touching up to do on today's painting and then will post it soon.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

"River Song"

I started out painting this "en plein air" on a bridge over the Middle Saluda River at Jones Gap State Park in June of this year. It's much larger than I have ever attempted outdoors and was quite a challenge. I made three trips to the park (about an hour from my house) to paint it at the same time of day and same lighting conditions. I also worked on it in the studio to finish it. I hope to paint this large again, but I better get faster at it or make sure to paint a subject closer to home. This will be hanging at the West Greenville Art Festival in the Pendleton Street Arts District the weekend of September 18 and 19. Stop by and say hi and see this piece in person.
28" x 22 x .75" oil on stretched canvas
$575 plus postage
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