Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rose Garden, Mt Vernon Gardens in Omaha

I have been painting. Just not as often as I would like. My mom and I have both had a bunch of dr appts lately, cutting my painting time short the past few weeks. I've been getting in the studio consistently, though, even for just a short time.
This piece was done in August of 08 when I still lived in the Omaha area. It was done en plein air, at Mt Vernon Gardens. I love that place. I ran out of time that day and didn't get around to finishing it until last week. I had fun with glazing medium again, rubbing it in with my fingers and brightening the painting up with brighter, deeper colors.

Mt Vernon Gardens Email me if you are interesting in purchasing this one.
$200 unframed $225 framed plus $10 shipping

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alaska Woods in October

I painted this one "en plein air" while in Alaska in October. This was the scene in the back yard of the people's home that we stayed at-John and Linda Luberger in Wasilla. I had to quit before I was finished and never got back to it until yesterday in my studio. I added some color to brighten it up a bit to make it more like i remember the scene. I love the lighting in Alaska that time of year. The sun is so low in the sky through out the day, so it looks like morning all day long=my favorite lighting for painting. I was so inspired to paint while there, but only got around to painting one afternoon. If I ever get to go back, I will definitely make a point to spend more time outside with my paints!

oil on gessoed board
$150 unframed $225 framed, plus $10 shipping.

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October Alaska Scene

Here's a painting I finished today. 10x20 oil on canvas board. This is the first one from my trip from Alaska in October.
For sale $375 unframed, $400 framed, plus $10 shipping.
Email me at if interested in this painting.
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