Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Practically Perfect Weekend Part III

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Pilot House
14x11 oil

Here's the painting I did later that afternoon. It's the same scene that Kevin McPherson had done earlier that day only from a different spot. It was lovely, that hot afternoon, painting under the shade of a tree with the ocean breeze keeping me cool. I painted for 2 hours and then left immediately from there to change my clothes in a gas station before walking to the reception at Coleman Gallery. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

practically perfect weekend Part II

This is Kevin McPherson's painting, obviously not finished but he took a break from it for a while, then finished it. I saw it later at the Coleman Gallery, it was gorgeous, but wasn't allowed to photograph it unfortunately. Not only did Kevin do a free demo for us, but he invited us back the next morning and he would critique our paintings for us. That motivated me to make sure to get out to paint later that day, even though I was dying to explore the streets of Charleston's Gallery Row. I really wanted to learn from him and listening to critiques of mine and others work is a great way to learn. I'm having trouble adding additional photos to my posts for some reason, so I have been starting new posts continuing the details of my practicaly perfect weekend.

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Practically Perfect Weekend

This past weekend I attended a painting demo by Kevin McPherson in Charleston's Waterfront Park. He was a fantastic teacher, so fun and interesting. He generously shared, free of cost, his wealth of knowledge of painting with a large group of artists gathered there, just to see him paint. We stood out there in the burning hot sun and humidity for almost 2 hours. I never would have stood there, dripping with sweat to watch someone paint that wasn't as intriging as Kevin. I love his warm and cool grays and astmospheric paintings. I was mezmerized the entire time.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Herb Garden, Plein Air Oil Painting by Jacki Newell

Herb Garden
I painted with a sketch group in Greenville on Monday. It was a gray, cool day. I found this scene in the courtyard of the Old Episciple Church on North and Church St. Since it was cloudy, I didn't have to rush to beat the shadows. It was nice. This photo is the original plein air piece. Then today I brought it into my studio to make some "adjustments". I will take a photo of the results tomorrow.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Greenville, Downtown
18"x24" oil

This may look like a familiar scene to you by now. I love downtown Greenville, and so do most people who have walked or driven down Main Street. I have done a few paintings similar to this one. Recently, a young man commissioned me to one for he and his wife's one year anniversary. He had tried to win the downtown painting that I donated  at a silent auction for Trees Greenville, but was outbid. He asked if I could do one similar, so this is the result. I just delivered it to him on Thursday evening and then treated myself to a delicious Greek salad at Kozani's. I sat outdoors at one of the very same tables that are in the scene. How cool is that?!
The dog in the painting is a depiction of his doggy. I had never met him or his wife, only through email, and so I had no idea how old they were or what they looked like, but it turned out that his wife is blonde!
Commissions are very scary for me. I get so nervous about them. I'd much rather do a painting and then have someone see it and decide they can't live without it and purchase it, but it's also nice when someone trusts me to do a special one for them. He seemed to like it very much and thought his wife would too.
This is my second commission for this year. That is a record for me so far. May they be the first of many.
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Back again

After a long absence, I am back to blogging. Alot has happened since I last blogged and I won't try to write about it tonite, but will share it a little at a time.
The main thing that happened, just 3 days after writing my last blog, was that my dear mom, who was living with us for the past 3 winters, passed away suddenly from a heart attack. She had been bravely battling cancer for 3 1/2 years. She also had a very weak heart, most likely from taking chemo for so long. Her quality of life had actually been quite good. She always overcame the obstacles that came her way, with an amazing attitude. Although she lived with us, she took great care of herself, always making her bed, washing her own laundry, etc. It was so easy to have her here. I miss her very much. Who do I call when I have good news or something cute that the grandkids did?
This photo was taken just 5 days before she passed away. Like I said, her quality of life was good. My mom loved going to church with us on Sundays and afterwards, my daughter Corrie and her family came to Sunday dinner.We always went to a movie on Friday nights and out to dinner on Sat. nites. On Thursdays, we tried out new restaurants for lunch with Corrie and little almost 2 year old Macy. I was with her when it happened so suddenly and out of the blue, but can honestly say she didn't suffer a moment. While sitting at our dining room table, working on a puzzle at 3:30 on beautiful Wednesday afternoon, she and I were visiting, when she suddenly exclained "I'm so dizzy!" She laid her head down on the table and pretty much was gone, or in a coma, I'm not sure which by the time I ran to her side. She didn't even grab her chest in pain, so I'm convinced that God answered my prayer the past few years that she wouldn't suffer. I've been overwhelmed with amazement at God's kindness in answering that prayer and the sadness of missing her so much. Everything still reminds me of her around the house. The funeral was in Omaha, where she lived. So many wonderful friends and family were there to honor her. All the people she loved and enjoyed so much. The day after the funeral, my sister and I got started on getting her ready house for sale. We worked hard together for  a week and a half. We accomplished alot in that time and by the time I left, it was ready to go on the market. It was all quite a whirlwind, with so many decisions to make and memories to cherish. I feel so blessed to have had such wonderful parents who loved us so much. When I start missing her too much, I remind myself that she is safely home with Jesus now, and I feel His wonderful peace. Thank you Jesus, for dying for us so we can be with You forever.
Life goes on, and last night, Dave and I returned from a quick trip to Southern California. I will write more about that on a later date.
I feel like things are beginning to slow down now, so today, I cleaned my house. It was definitely in need of a good cleaning and pulled weeds. And tonite, I am blogging again after a 7 week break.