Saturday, October 3, 2009

Art Festivals are over. I can paint again!!

I've had two art festivals in the past two weeks, which don't sound like much, especially for seasoned exhibitors, but, when you are just starting off, there is so much to do to get ready. After all the work getting ready for them, I wish I could say they were a great success, but, unfortunately they were just the opposite. The first one was two weeks ago, a total rain-out. It rained so hard that their was a little river running through my tent. It never let up. Unbelievable. The one today, was, thankfully just the opposite in that way. The weather was picture perfect. The problem was, that it was more of an arts and crafts type of show, in a sort of low income area, and well, no one bought paintings that weren't huge and very low priced, I'm talking under thirty dollars. Actually, that's not true, my friend Georgia sold a very nice one that was huge and 250 dollars. It was worth much more than that. I sold 4 cards. At least the entry fee was also very cheap.
I'm tired, not completely discouraged though. I did get alot of really nice comments and made some good contacts. Now, I just want to immerse myself into painting. I haven't painted for so long, because getting ready for these shows were so time consuming. During this past week i also joined an artist co-op gallery in Greer, a town about 25 minutes from my house. Today was it's first day open and I haven't heard how it went. I would have liked to have been there today, but I had that show. I spent alot of time running back and forth to the gallery this week, trying to figure out how to hang my paintings. S hooks didn't work, so i ended up bending wire hangers into hooks-also very time consuming. I just want to paint, no more show preparations. Just paint.