Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Front Range, SOLD

Today, with the help of my friend Cheryl, I had a great viewpoint of Colorado Springs to paint from. When we got there, Pikes Peak was in full site, but by the time I came back from using the gas station restroom down the street, Pikes Peak was hidden behind clouds. I hadn't taken photos of the peak, so just had to go ahead and paint it obscured, not what i wanted to do, but what could i do? I painted this while sitting in my truck because of the sun and wind. My sun umbrella would never have stayed in place with the way the wind was blowing. I've only painted from my vehicle a few times, but should do it more often, when the wind is blowing and there is no shade, it was comfortable.
I painted this exclusively with the pallete knife.

View of Colorado Springs
10x8 oil on gessoed board

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm back

I've been painting, just not posting because of problems with our internet service. It's fixed now. Yay. What a pain to be without it.
Here's somethig I painted en plein air last Friday at Table Rock State Park, SC. What a treat to be able to sit along side a lake with water lillies on a beautiful morning.
It's 14x11 oil on a canvas board by Raymar.
$275 unframed, $300 framed.
Email if interested