Friday, February 27, 2009

2 weeks in my house, and yet to paint

That's right, but I don't feel bad. With all the hours I have spent at dr appts. with my mom, making meals for my daughter's family on bedrest, picking up Skylar and Brecken at their schools and having the boys over to play, it's been a good week and I know that these are the things I am to do at this time. Things have slowed down enough for me to take great walks in my neighborhood, often times with my husband. I love to explore and find out what is around the next corner as I walk. Dave and I also got to do a walk downtown, one morning after attempting to get our drivers licenses renewed and new licence plates. I say attempt, because although we brought our birth certificates, social security cards, bills with our new addresses on them, car registrations and proof of insurance, we found out after standing in 2 long lines, we still needed the car titles, and my passport or marriage licence. So we will go back today to try again. I'm hoping we can walk downtown again, but it looks like rain this morning.
Next week does not look promising as far as painting, either. My mom will start her new chemo everyday next week. My "studio" still has not been unpacked, but at least the boxes have been carried in from the garage and are waiting in the room for me. I can't believe all the stuff I have accumulated over the years to use to paint with, and I got rid of so much while packing, I thought.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our new chapter begins, in South Carolina

It's been a while, and I'm sorry about that. We are all moved in and enjoying our new home in Greenville, SC. The weather was amazing for the loading of the moving truck and the 2 day drive from Neb to here. What a gift from the Lord, considering what the weather can often be in Nebraska in February. The day we arrived, my daughter, Corrie, who is experiencing a high risk pregnancy, this time around, was hospitalized with contractions. She was only 29 weeks along, so this was not a good thing. We were amazed, once again, at God's perfect timing for us to be here, to help out with the boys, 4 and 6, picking them up from school and preschool, etc. since she was again placed on bed rest. It's been a long pregnancy for Corrie, poor girl. Monday was fun, I was excited to see my baby grandaughter, Macy, via ultrasound again. What an adorable doll she is already. Giving her mom such a hard time, though.
My mom came with us and will stay until Easter, when my sister Kelly and her family are planning to come to visit and take her back to her house in Bellevue, Ne. She is escaping some wintry weather there and she's glad about that. She is battling cancer and when we visited with her oncologist she will be seeing while in Greenville, he ordered tests and an appt. with a cardiologist to see why she's experiencing shortness of breath and a bad cough that won't go away. The cardio dr. revealed that she has congestive heart failure, so that's a new thing that she is dealing with. Yesterday was an appt to have the fluid from one lung drained and tomorrow they will do the same for the other. She is dealing with each thing as it comes, so bravely, and with such a great attitude.
Needless to say, with all this activity, plus trying to unpack boxes and shop for things needed for this new house, I have let painting go to the wayside for a while. I look forward to when things settle down and I can paint again.
I will post photos of our house here pretty soon.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Last day in Nebraska-pulling up deep roots

I sit here in the early morning darkness, amongst a ridiculous amount of boxes,lit up by the light of my computer, feeling scared but excited about the new life that is ahead of me. It comforts me to know that God has led us clearly every step of the way, and so knowing that, gives me the confidence I need to go forward without second guessing if this is the right thing to do. It would be so much easier if everyone in my family was going with me, but that's not possible and that's life. We all are led in different directions. I think of families of just a few decades ago, that couldn't even call their loved ones that had moved becasue it was long distance and so expensive. Now, we can call, email, chat, skype, read each others face book pages, etc. We can stay in touch so much easier, but it will never match being able to hug and talk face to face. Pulling up these deep roots are hard and putting new ones down isn't easy. I will miss everything about Nebraska (except for that nasty wind).
I am so excited to be closer to Corrie, Lance and my soon to be 3 little southern grand kids. We will live close (5 minutes) and that will be great. I am also excited to know that I can stay home and paint full time. I hope to sell paintings via the Internet and at art fairs, and the money from that will hopefully finance my trips to Henderson, Nv to see Jaimi, Evan and my other soon to be three little grand kids, and trips back to Omaha to see Ryan, my mom, sister and her family, Dave's family and friends. I have a feeling I'll be back quite a bit, so that is comforting as well.
Dave's last day of work was Thursday, and how weird to think that I am now married to a retired cop. I'm really thrilled for him as he will have the time to commit to ministry full time even though, as a cop, he always ministered, on and off the job, he won't be as bogged down with all that report writing and paperwork and his schedule will be more flexible. He will be going on at least 3 trips out of the country this year. In March, Australia, in July-Slovenia and Kazakhstan, and in August-the Philippines, plus various trips to work with his brother Al's ministry. So he will be busy. Please pray for his safety and that we would find a good church to be involved in.
We load the moving van today and make the long drive tomorrow. The weather is amazingly perfect. Temps in the 60's and dry. I never would have even imagined that it would be this nice in February. Thank you, Lord.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"The Passageway" in Omaha's Old Market

This is a painting that I did "en plein air" in September. It was quite a challenge trying to draw it quickly and then paint it before the light changed completely. I've always loved 'the Passageway" in Omaha's Old Market, and am glad I got a chance to do this before we moved. I had a few tiny things to touch up, but for the most part the entire painting was done on location.
11"x14" oil on canvas panel.

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